About Saamo Winery

The SAMEBA winery, which after rebranding changed its name and became SAAMO. The winery was constructed in 1979 to produce a range of world-class wines. At the time, the company's largest market was the Soviet Union, but significant exports were made to the USA, UK, Germany, France, Japan, Poland and other countries.

Not surprisingly, events after 1990 and the collapse of the Soviet Union required significant changes within SAAMO. However, long experience, strong managerial skills and foreign investment helped SAAMO to successfully restructure itself. Today, SAAMO operates according to western market principals and has retained and strengthened its brand name and reputation as a producer and marketer of the highest quality wines.


Physical Facilities – Synonymous With Great Wine

SAAMO is located on 13 hectares of land in the city of Sagaredjo. It has all the elements needed to produce world-class wines.Company has underground cellar where the temperature normis hold naturally, also  bottling line with 6,000 bottles per hour capacity with modern German and French equipment (Zeic filling machine, Crones labeling machine, Zeic membrane wine filter, corking, capping and palletizing). The entire bottling process is automated. SAAMO has its own well-water supply, power generator and steam boiler. It is located 1 km from a mainline railway and has its own branch line to the winery. 

Products – Classic Georgian Wines

The Company's products include both well-known Georgian varietals (e.g., Kindzmarauli, Saferavi, Mukuzani, Akhasheni, Alaznis veli and etc.) and branded wines produced using technologies unique to SAAMO (e.g., Sameba, Shuamta, Shevardnadze, Aguna and Sagaredjo). The Company also has old vintages in its cellars, including 1981 vintage and Salkhino (red liqueur type wines). 

The SAAMO winery has had many distinguished visitors who have been greatly impressed with SAAMO products including George Shultz (former US Secretary of State) and Matsge (UK oil magnate). The President of Georgia, Edward Shevarnadze, is known to greatly favor SAAMO's Aguna wine.

The quality of SAAMO wines is reflected in the prizes the wines have won recent years at international competitions.